Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review Olay Professional Pro X Intensive Treatment Mask

Diary Log:
Day 1: The Demonstration
    I posted my video on you tube on the Olay Professional Pro X  Intensive Treatment Mask ,watch it to see my First Impressions of the mask treatment. I applied the mask really early in the morning.  A laid back Saturday so I thought I treat myself. After about thirty minutes and sucking the life out of this mask face, Neck and Hands, I took it off. There was still more to squeeze out and twist. I was surprised to see how much serum these mask actually had. I eventually disposed of it. The leftover in the package was left for my night routine. I kept this serum on for hours, I wanted to try it with no other product on, 12 hours later I noticed pealing around my hair line from the serum which is ok at the end of the day, but I questioned if I can leave the serum after the mask on all day would it peel? but the is with additional product on my face. At night I applied the remaining serum around my face- neck with still more product in the package for later and went to sleep.
Day 2 Trail and Error
    Another day and still the weekend I woke up with a glowy face from the previous night, I found my face absorbed all the product from last night. I know I had a few things to do during the day. In the morning I applied  my mask again with a thirty minute time span. This time I applied my face moisturizer with SPF 30 my Olay age repair lotion that I regularly use daily or especially when I go out side, this was added layer and it felt ok. Originally If you watched my video my first impression of the serum was it felt sticky but normal for most to feel like that. I discovered that blending the serum with your fingers after removal of mask and before moisturizer will create a smoother base in preparation for makeup.  I  concealed my blemishes and used some of my Maybelline Dream Matte Powder to set my makeup. Now I didn't use foundation but I applied my blush , Mascara and lip gloss. I found my face dewy and anything matte wouldn't keep it matte looking because of the serum. So this is it was my face going to peel?  would this makeup stay put will I look extremely oily on my combination skin? Well hours went my I had minimal oil on my t-zone that I blot out with those blotting paper. I though imagine putting foundation on my face it was such a smooth canvas for foundation. Would it feel heavy? I think it depends on how you apply it but not so much no. The serum could last hours on your skin to the point where you feel like should you remove it? "I did" cleansed, reapplied and called it a night.
Day 3 Should I keep going?
    Now my initial thought was price point with this product and usage. I felt like wanting to save it for a special day. Well here I am reviewing it for you guys. Even though I purchased other Olay products and got this one for free as an added bonus it still felt like out of pocket expense. The Intensive mask can retail up to $50.00 for 5 packs. I wanted to save as much product as possible. I kept second guessing if I should use the mask today. Why you may ask? because I have two packages with product still inside, a little goes a long way with serum. However I thought "Maybe I'll use the serum in the package and not the mask" That's what ended up happening, you don't always have time to apply it in the morning  as instructed. I applied the serum from one of the open packages from the previous nights of use. I got home later cleansed my face removed little makeup I had been wearing, and used my mask. I became content with my solution if I didn't have time in the day I would reverse usage of my mask treatment until night and use the serum in the morning.
Day 4 Getting the hang of it:
    Got up used the serum and waited till night to apply my mask.  All I can say is my face has been glowy and relaxed these past few days, I feel good that I'm doing something good for my face.
Day 5  The Final Day:
    Yes, today is the last day of my intensive mask treatment and honestly it's starting to feel like a chore. I never done a 5 day mask before. I definitely think it will be easier the next time around. I applied my serum and mask again at night. So What happens after 5 days?
(1/29/10) Day 9 Final Thoughts:
    It's been a few days now since I finished, your state of results are like a placebo effect.  I found my pores look smaller my face looks more radiant than again I'm still using the remainder amount of serum from the packages I think I might have a 1-2 week supply with every little bit I gunk out. As for any lines on my face I have minor laugh lines I saw them more diminished, a faded appearance but other than that I don't have wrinkles.  I did get 2 new pimples on my cheek and chin area but I think because I left product on longer and cleanse later than usual. I also did sense a bit of a tighter appearance.
what do I think about the mask & product? I found it to be cool and messy when taking out of package the serum gets everywhere, but I took advantage and distribute the product even down to my chest areas and hands. That's why when taking out the mask I would press some extra product to stay in the package. The mask is not as form fitting, the neck area doesn't stay on laying down or standing up. Be careful will the eye it can burn and taste really bitter on your lips. I actually enjoyed the experience of trying it out see how it worked best with my schedule, I treated my skin for the week I get extra serum in the packaging any of the messiness is part of the experience and minute compared to see your face. I would re-purchase and use it perhaps three times a year. I feel you do see a difference in your skin but don't expect drastic results. I recommend you exfoliate your face before starting treatment and moisturize after serum out the package.
-The End

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  1. I've had this for only 3 days and I can already feel the difference! I love the brush because it exfoliates without being harsh. Loreal