Sunday, February 13, 2011

Technology: TMobile Windows 7 HTC HD7 Phone

First Impressions:  Upon arrival I was super excited and ready for an upgrade from my Blackberry Curve 8900. I had used a Sprint Instinct before a couple years back ,and was not impressed by the touch screen. Maybe having a Blackberry has kept me sticking to keyboard and has not transitioned me onto touch screens. The Windows 7 phone had some pretty impressive product details especially with Microsoft Office Features and the massive 4.3-inch touch display.
    I tried the phone as soon as I got it, I found it semi difficult or confusing a bit, but that's normal getting use to the touch screen at first. I really liked that the phone came with head phones good quality ones that end the call and volume tabs, although the ear pieces did not fit or stay in my ear. Another great accessory was USB charger wire with the wall port that detaches. 
    I was excited to use the camera for still and moving images features a 5-megapixel camera with HD 720p video capture. I expected the quality to be better the big screen makes it look more fancy but not as clear but reasonable.  
Some key Highlights & Opinions:
The Internet is easy going nice upbeat flow, nearly showcases full page websites, nice zoom in and out. Emails pop up great.
Features: As for app's it needs improvement but definitely awesome to have Microsoft,  Explorer browser & Email are the best in my opinion. Radio didn't work that great for me not good reception, The TV and video quality was a step up from what I've seen in other phones but yet we strive for that clear quality. Camera has a good flash some pics not as vibrant or clear. I got a taste of the 3 G network even though T Mobile has 4 G capabilities but still such a difference.
The touch screen really got on my nerves even with medium size nails, I eventually got the hang of it but in a way miss my keyboard.
Appearance: The phone is nicely designed sleek but heavy due to the O. S
 The icons & font could be better not as attractive  Its not an I phone but nearly there.
Overall: Even the key features will not make me switch, I've tried the phone out for almost a month in a half and for some reason I had Mix feelings from the start and kept trying  and not impressed. I rather go back to my old blackberry. Even though I prefer the windows Internet, I feel this phone needs improvement. I'm surprised I felt this way about this phone I'm usually very open and get sucked in, but not with this phone. I think the phone can be fun with it's entertainment features, okay to have but not a keeper. (5/10 Rating)
Disclaimer: Product sent for review Bzz Agent all opinions reflect my own experience.

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