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Fit Nature: Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson Fitness Dvd

I have currently been on this roller coaster boot camp ride on the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Workout specifically designed for my body "Hipcentric" meaning I normally gain weight in my hips. I also have been tweeting on Twitter my experiences. I had many expectations and hesitations buying the DVD retails with shipping about $112 with an option of $29.99 monthly plan till its paid off. I started working out 1/16/12 and 2 weeks before that i began a diet lowering my calorie intake eating in portions even including lean Cuisine Frozen meals in my diet I lost 9lbs. I been preparing my body for this change, I read many reviews on this workout, The Facebook site and where big factors in making this decision to buy. I decided I was going to stick with this workout criteria since my schedule became so hectic and i barely had time to go to the gym. My workouts now take place in my room, where i usually film my youtube beauty videos. I'm currently heading towards my Week 4 on the Dynamic Food Plan and at Workout 3 and days 21-30.
 Let me update you from the begging Day 1-10 I did the cardio and the Mat muscular workout it's supposedly 30 min each equivalent to one hour, yet for me still takes me 1.40- 2 hrs with plenty of breaks.
The cardio consist of 30 min of non stop jumping up and down literally, I realized the cardio is always the same for this 90 day Transformation, it has not gotten easier, and my shins or legs kill me at times that's going to take a while to get adjusted to. I wonder if it because i dance on the carpet and jump it makes it difficult but I'm not use to that much jumping.
After The first 2 days you are so sore and you think you can't go on a good Motrin Pain Reliever and Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Rub Gel did it for me the night prior to working out the next day. Once you start that cardio your muscle loosen up and the pain is gone.

The Muscular Mat workout is not just hip workout there is stomach, arms that include 3lbs weights and than leg rep of various types. When you first start out take your time, your completely at different levels than Tracy. I recommend especially the sit ups pause, watch and go. The first time i did it i rushed and sprained my neck it hurt bad. So far I notice she does many leg rep in counts of 40 so its helpful if you know and do. Also after a few days incorporate a different playlist to increase your attitude and willingness to keep working out 6 times a week, be ready to devote more than an hour, perhaps overtime you can get to one hour yet I'm not there. 

I want to mention that you might get gassy from the dynamic food plan as you workout, I did feel very constipated the first week of the puree food meant to clear out impurities or detox. There are Nutrient Boost Weeks and Body Reset weeks, some weeks you eat more meals than others, some repetitiveness until later weeks on the diet.
Week 1 Puree Week: If you can get past this week you can do the rest. This was a hard week, The food was expensive $ 100, 90% of my fridge was all veggies. The dynamic Food plan is an investment you think the DVD was expensive imagine the food plan, you have to be strategic go to a few different grocery stores. You have to eat the same thing for 7 days, by the 6 day i was tired of the food I never wanted carrot Parsnip again, this was a week where weight loss and inches go down especially on this diet. The first 10 days I lost 9lbs and inches around my hips, waist. Great results! 
You will need a Juicer, Food Processor and food containers, plan ahead  grocery list, re fridge, Freeze, preparing the food is a workout itself. There's no way to get around it you need these essentials to puree food  or juice. I was so exhausted making the food it took hours, I never spent so much time in the kitchen. My body was introduced to new foods and veggies, I love to Pulse or puree food now, I'll never go without a food processor. Some ounces on the Dynamic Food Plan list may not be accurate all the way so be aware you will figure it out as you go. The food is bearable to eat its not bad at all. I enjoy heating the majority of it up for better taste.
Week 1
 Power Juice
  Blueberry Applesauce
  Sweet Potato Corn Pudding
  Carrot Parsnip Puree
  Veggie Protein Soup
  Chocolate Puddin

Veggie Protein Soup

Blueberry Applesauce

Carrot Parsnips
Parsnips never had them before not bad in the mix with carrots

 Sweet Potato Corn Pudding ( This taste good especially for breakfast) I had to play around to see what i wanted for breakfast, lunch or Dinner it's preference.
 Gazpacho is like salsa without the chips, I had forgot to roast the tomatoes first it makes a big difference yet it makes shrinks the tomatoes portions so you have to add more tomatoes.
The Green Juice 10oz a day: Make sure it sealed I make it every 3 days or it will go bad
You can try freezing it
Chocolate Pudding ( Delightful & Needed) Tip* the chocolate chips can be microwaved in 30 sec intervals or boil water and add a glass platter over and the chocolate will melt.

Week 2
You can have 3 meals selected types of protein and fruit
1.1 protein and 1 fruit
2.Think Thin Bar. or Kashi Go Lean Roll / or Crunchy Bar
3. . 1 Protein and Vegetable
This week I was hungry than the first week since I had more options, I had to incorporate tea and Flavored Strawberry Sparkling water, that really helped kill hunger. The Think Thin bars or Kashi  are suppose to be protein bars not cereal so don't confuse that, on Tracy's online Grocery List she suggested you can have any protein bar as long as its under 200 Cal and 15 grams of protein or higher so I went with Balance Bar. Yet on the Dynamic Food Plan list that came with my DVD it does not mention it. I eventually purchase Thick Thin on Week 4 found at a specialty store in the protein bar section for more varieties go to the manufacture website order a week in advanced because not all are under 200 and the right grams of protein. I don't think it matters.
Some Options ( for example your suppose to have 2 eggs or 4 Turkey bacon I did half and half) There's other options in the menu suggested such as 1 cup of frozen blueberries plus 1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk, that would have been more filling. Your body becomes use to less portioned food over the week changes. There have been weeks where food has been to much and I'm full.
Turkey Bacon, 1 boiled Egg and 1 whole Apple

Chicken Breast with Kale

Spinach and 1 Turkey Patty

In (week 2) I started a new Mat workout it was faster than the first yet not as hard, your body feels prepared for the alternate changes in muscular routine I like. The cardio is still a pain

Week 3
I could not wait to eat some real food (week 3) tons of protein to eat, I felt like it was to much food yet i try to eat some of everything that is portioned out. Food was again pricey this week unlike week 2 was cheaper. will post pics soon!
  Power Juice
  Turkey Spinach Crumble ~ my fav
  Gazpacho~ sick of
  Blueberry Applesauce
  Chocolate Pudding~ love
  Waldorf Salad
  2 Veggie Snack

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