Friday, November 11, 2011

Burts Bee's Sensitive Facial Cleanser & Daily Moisturizing cream

The New Burt's Bees Natural Skin Solution for Sensitive Skin
They both targeted with natural ingredients which is great on skin. I would say my skin is sensitive when i use an accumulations of products specifically acne cleansers that can dry skin from usage. I have combination skin to oily and sensitive from acne treatments.  That's where i started trying out The Burt's Bee's Sensitive Facial Cleanser I found it very gentle it did help with minor redness, yet simply to basic for dirt & oil removal. Its like putting cream on your face and using it as a cleanser, the product didn't work together to get a deep clean, the smell was subtle yet at times smelled like medicated bees wax. The cleanser left my face dry even though it suppose to have moisturizing properties in it. 
Accompanied by that came... 
The Burt's Bees Daily Moisturizing cream, the bottle has a pump which is so sanitary I found the moisturizer lighter than a cream, easy when your hanging at home when you want to head out i would need to add SPF to go with. The cream dried out my skin way too quickly it made it feel irritated and tight, i like the fact it was oil free yet no moisture at all. 
To conclude this post review the products didn't work for me, i would use the cleanser to alternate my cleanser routine when needed bu I  didn't find a big use for it since it didn't purpose my skin, but i do love all natural ingredients in products  if they can add more moisture to these products they would be better. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided by Bzzagent all opinions reflect my own.

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