Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Newly Improved Proactive 3 step system

The Proactive system has been out for a long while, I recently got a chance to try out the new formula,  I once used it as a teenager and was overwhelmed with the smell it was too strong and drying for me. Now that i came across adult acne I was highly dependent on results, so far it's been a week, I have the Proactiv is sold as a 30-day, 3-step system for $19.95) so far lighting in some blemishes, I will keep you guys posted on results most likely the first week of December will be my trail conclusion. 
So the system contains:
 (Step 1- The Renewing Cleanser) which feels more like an exfoliator to me, not as cleansing for actual removal but does work deep to unclog pores and tighten them removing dead skin layers. I'm pretty sure that where the toner does the job.  While trying out the cleanser couldn't helpt but to incorporate another cleanser of mine that is more foam & lather first, followed by the proactive cleanser, Toner and Renewing lotion. It works best especially if you wear makeup daily, I make sure to use makeup wipe to clean my face first than proactive cleanse. 

(Step 2- The Revitalizing Toner) The toner is actually my favorite it cleans dirt of your face no matter how well you think you cleaned it. Its very gentle alcohol free so it wont dry out your face. I liked it so much I returned a more expensive Toner that I recently purchased back to the store. 

(Step 3- The Repairing Treatment) Originally I thought the repairing lotion was like an on the spot type of kill a zit in 1 day type of thing, but it's a lotion that slowly  works in progress, and you apply it on targeted areas, still very gentle, wont over dry your face. A pimple may take more than 3 days to go down so yes it slow. It makes me want to use an on the spot treatment but I wont tweak this step unless it's a big emergency and I need to look my facial best. This I beleieve is the secret ingredient in my opinion that actually clears up your skin, mainly because you have it on longer all day & night. 

So far through my journey to clear skin I await results from this proactive system as you can tell i have tweaked into a regime in my skincare routine. I'm currently using it so will see its a work in progress. 
 To get more info about Proactiv visit the website (

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